Some baby sleep tips from a father

Some baby sleep tips from a father

For the last six months, many parents in my neighborhood have constantly asked me how I’ve been able to have my one year old baby sleep so well. In fact, many of my family members and close friends have had problems getting their infants to sleep and they regularly ask me for some effective baby sleep advice to help them get out of their predicament. Most of them want to know when they’ll get their sleeping patterns back to normal.




Like most new dads, I wasn’t well educated on how most of the experienced dads out there got their babies to sleep. Therefore, I had to find a procedure that could work. Night after night, I hummed, rocked and cuddled my son until he fell asleep. This worked quite well because he was a good feeder and couldn’t become hungry while asleep….at least his mother was blessed with gallons of breast milk.

It’s to be expected that sleep patterns for a newborn leave most parents exhausted but after a while it can transform into a real struggle. I remember when my baby reached 5 months, I was so determined to find anything helpful that could teach me how to get a baby to sleep well.

Before my son was born, I used to imagine that infants sleeping through the night were somehow supernatural creatures. In most cases, my wife totally avoided any topic regarding our son’s sleep. It was like an unwritten rule that we had to miss adequate sleep for months. How could it be possible that someone had devised ways to make babies sleep through the night and I had no idea about it?

After trying everything from using baby massages, forming night time routines, calming temple balms, I was on my way to success. With my sleep deprived eyes, I began my consistent search through various baby sleep forums. After several trials I began noticing some positive changes in my son’s sleep patterns.

In the course of time, I realized that consistency of my son’s night time routine and creation of favorable sleeping environment were indeed invaluable tools. He started to respond to very small and simple changes and could sleep perfectly well through the night. As if magically, our nocturnal nightmares were put to rest.

Since I learned the techniques, I am lucky to have a one year old adequate sleep through the quiet night. The techniques I used were simple to achieve night after night. For my troubled friends and neighbors, I am happy to say that I have been a great source of inspiration and information to them.


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