How I Started My Career As A Photographer

How I Started My Career As A Photographer

So I have found myself with no marriages to do this particular month, which I really feel is an excellent opportunity to perform some catching up with everything else!

I obtain lots of messages requesting how I actually got into photography and, therefore, here’s how!

Where exactly do I begin?


Purchasing my first camera

Taking pictures wasn’t something I always thought of doing. You know when you are small and you’re asked what you would like to do once you grow up, well I wanted to become a veterinarian, then a teacher, then a professor.

I actually certified as a teacher from the Edinburgh University in 2009 and have worked as a teacher for those several years since.

In 2011 I started to feel the need to switch but had never ever considered doing anything else. A friend first recommended I try out photography. It was like he lit something inside my head. And so, I bought an inexpensive DSLR camera for approximately $400 and began playing. I researched and went through the theory and attempted to put them into practice.


photo of sandra


The first shoots

Sandra was my very first model, and as we’d been buddies for several years, an awesome individual to take photos of. I used my parent’s backyard, and the outcome was … good! Certainly not the standard I might hold to myself right now, yet good. To be honest, though, it would be very difficult to take a poor picture of Sandra.

I made personally a Facebook page as my very first method of displaying my work, and within a few days, I was approached by John Morris! Feeling somewhat worried and anxious we met up to make pictures.

Therefore, several collaborations with the local models commenced and I was starting to adore photography! I finally decided that it was time to find out more and, therefore, I began exploring courses. As I was working full time and was then saving cash for my wedding, the choices seemed limited. I undertook a course held at Harrington College. However, this particular course ran a bit slow for me and did not educate me much. Then my wife Carol got pregnant.

My grandfather, a master professional photographer in his day, also helped me.

After a couple of months, I did my very first wedding. An associate of mine was actually engaged and getting married but hadn’t booked a photographer. I provided to get it done for free and they approved!

Taking photos of a wedding ceremony is like nothing I had attempted. It really is interesting, nerve-wracking as well as exhausting. I cherished each and every second of it! Therefore, I made personally a gumtree advert providing really low priced wedding photography along with a genuine explanation of my reasonably limited experience and managed to make a couple of bookings.


Getting published

A year or so in, I made the decision I would like several portraits of myself for my site. As my close friend Sandra Hopkins had adopted photography, I asked her whether she would take a few simple ones. She did agree and we made the decision we would do something innovative with her too.

This incorporated some fabric, red and black body paint, and an extremely cold lake in the midst of a forest in Cheshire! As we were so pleased with the outcomes, we ended up publishing the photographs to a magazine.


Creating a style

I am a terrific admirer of the imaginative as well as the unique.

I have squandered lots of time worrying about how great another person is. There will always be somebody a lot better than you and there will always be somebody much better than them. What really makes you stick out is you. I am not stating you can’t take ideas from other folks; I have lots of artists I turn to when I require a push.

Establishing my own personal style took time as well as experience.



During the last couple of years, I’ve become increasingly more interested in wedding photography, and over the previous few months, I’ve been capable of photographing several amazing weddings (the newest 3 have been approved for blog publications!).

Taking photos of a wedding is certainly not easy! If you skip a single moment, that’s it! You have missed it!

I have become a photojournalist wedding photographer. Essentially, I record the day as it occurs, capturing the actual story of the big day. This is the way my very own wedding photographer did, and it actually is the most effective way. What would you rather? Gorgeous, emotional remembrances or a pricey photo-shoot with a cam in your face throughout the day?

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